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I think I remember Loki telling me this was written on the subway after running into some inspiration.


Verse 1:

Ayo I think about her too much
How it would feel to touch her hand or her hair or waist
Or just how it would taste, if our lips were ever to touch
Yeah I think about her too much
It really wasn't like this when we first met
I mean I knew I had to keep my eyes away because
She's my kind of lady, not to see it was the first test
But still, it wasn't like this when we first met
She must've caught me by surprise because Lord knows
I know what I'm feelin' is wrong, but the warm grows
in and out of every inch of me and it's a no-no
But hey, it caught me by surprise and, Lord knows
I never meant to be aware of her fly ways
But when our eyes stay connected for a sec or two
longer than they should, good intention is a wild maze
All of a sudden I'm aware of her fly ways,

And I'm in trouble cause I love her, But would she hate me
Would she build me up and then break me
Would she leave me, or would she take me
Say she needs me or say she can't face me
I don't know if she'll feed me, or starve me
Can she heal me, cause damn she scarred me
I'm in trouble, I love her, But would she love me
Damn, it's like I just don't understand

Verse 2:
I wonder if she thinks of me when she's all alone
I watch her playin' with her hand in her hair while I waste
just one more opportunity to make it known
Why would she ever think of me when she's all alone
And this is probably just a phase that I'm movin' through
I think I'm glad that we never threw a glance to romance
I got it under control and I'm doin' cool
But what if it's another phase that I'm moving to
I mean I guess it would be nice just to say the least
But even still, real or not, this aint the way to be
I got to put it out my mind, got to slay the beast
But damn, wouldn't it be nice just to say the least
Yo who am I kidding, I'm gone, I'm a lost cause
on all fours, and it's gonna be a long haul
But hey I guess you never know, and that's the way it stands
Maybe in another time or another land

Chorus (Repeat):

I just don't understand (repeat until it fades out)
And I'm goin' out of my mind
And I don't know what to do
Door number one or door number two
How do I chose, How do I chose

Chorus (Repeat)


from Not Yet Chaos by The Last Broadcast, released February 20, 2009


all rights reserved



Ry Pilla New York, New York

Drummer who's had the great pleasure of playing music with some incredibly talented musicians. Here are some of the recordings we made...enjoy!

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