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Not Yet Chaos by The Last Broadcast

by The Last Broadcast

This Is It 03:54
Chorus: This is it, if I ever had a lover in my life, it was rhyme , I’ll never give it up And since I’ll never have another in my life, all I want to do is rhyme, I forget to live it up But this is it, grab a listen if it’s ill, if it isn’t getting buzz then I’ll get a better flow But if it is, then the mission is a hit, it’s official, I’m in love and I’ll never let her go. Verse 1: A yo I step up in the scene fresh and clean with a bit of extra lean, quick step like Ben Vereen, I never seem to be in one spot, I’m red to green, I’m the player who would never be seen but lead the team The head marine, General scheme, I’ll bend the beams like in Tel-Aviv, have the whole club sub-level B So check the steez (steelo), hundred to one, no sweat to me I’ll bet the keys and feel the effects when I’m ready to leave Generally, yeah I’m forever gettin peaved, so you best believe I’m steadily steamed, it gets me clean I’ll never be a fiend (as) long as I keep an esteemed tie in the reefer regime dispensing the leafy green By any means, got to remember to get receipts, keep a lengthy sheet of every expense It gets redeemed the very second I gleam, and spray my energy sheen, displayin every dream Yeah, you better believe Verse 2: Now, the second verse is something to behold, you can really feel the sweat from my soul like Dr. Scholz I dropped the gold, flatten the platinum and rock the show, I’m about to pop the popular mold, now swallow whole My wire’s got to blow, get grounded and shock the globe, not alot to know, go with the wattage and watch for Lo Now how about the flow, I’m a bottle ‘bout to po (pour), and if I tip over and spill, I’m sorry you got to row I’m not the chopper lowering rope, I’m an ocean liner dropping tires like they’re flyers and hoping most of them float See, we’re all stuck in the storm, the only difference is the boat and who you know, “Yo Lo, you be illin” True, I do be killin mics, and my fluid do be tighter than that doobie you be lightin and I do be feelin nice So if you ain’t truly hyped, I suggest you run on, and if you wanna combatively converse, baby c’mon Verse 3: Now, as I begin to accelerate, pedal against the metal plate, bobbin and weavin like a featherweight I’m generating up the speed so you can no longer see the surroud-around and hopefully both of our minds elevate And we can settle in a better place, yeah, take a sec and meditate, the reflection will get you melon straight We got a hell of a way to go before we celebrate and I’m fully eligible to demonstrate Oh yeah I walk I, never saw the floor under my feet, took a leap of faith and reached by the skin of my speech I talk more than often, Lord forgive me as I speak until the beat is obsolete and the machine has gotten weak I’m a touch above the norm, I touch a tune and I assume another form, I shape and I shift And when you see me in another song, you better come along and move, it’s simple either shake or you dip Cuz this is it.
Blah Blah 05:39
Intro: Now ladies and gents, fellow representatives and residents of this rock, listen This is not a game, it’s very intense, I guess in a way it’s like a test, let’s see who’s ready to question Verse 1: So this is hip hop, voice of the oppressed, never woulda guessed in a million hits full of glitz this was the song of the unsung, What with all the money talk, Is it really representing the struggle it comes from “NO” So this is hip hop, a sign of the times, guns are fun, cops are coming RUN, just another day in the life, So what you’re brother lays leaking it’s a murder right, do you hear the weeping of his son, little girl of wife “NO” So this is hip hop, well women beware, if you ain’t shakin your ass naked you wouldn’t be there, This is similar to what major religion has been doin since the beginning, a sin indeed, but do we seem to care “ OH NO” So this is hip hop, a place where the youth come and learn to chase a fantasy that ain’t even the truth Not to mention you talk about your possessions to the poor, knowing they’ll never relate, you’re showing them all yours and you sound like Blah Blah Chorus: Yo all I hear from your mouth is BLAH BLAH You got a really big house that’s BLAH BLAH You’re rocking iced out chains BLAH BLAH Another lady each day BLAH BLAH Oh yeah, you bust mad guns, whoa, BLAH BLAH You sell crack by the tons, oh, BLAH BLAH Ya’ll are some rich, pretty thugs talking BLAH BLAH,,,,brother what the blah blah Verse 2: How many times can you brag about your champagne, how many rhymes about your designer clothes Man it’s gettin to the point you’re repeatin the same brand names, we get it, you came up, everybody knows How about something to grow from, maybe so the cats who think you’re great will actually know someone cares Cuz you’re beating the same ol’ drum, speaking on the drama you create by keeping that negativity in the air Where are we gonna go next, the revolution of song, love written in the text, The dead are rooting us on up in heaven like Big L, Pac, Biggie, Freaky Tah, they were shot They never had a chance to die, all because of what’s hot And if you think the music doesn’t keep it going you’re a fool, for most of these young bucs, what you flow is a school The question is who’ll step out of the crowd, unprotected with the Lords message and yellin aloud you sound like Blah Blah Chorus: Bridge: A yo wake up, they’re just make up, They can put the signs up but they don’t make us Rake up all our dimes and, pay for the designs that they lace up Take a bunch and find what they make up An ain’t from what defines and creates us (It’s) The times in theatre So we should take the time that it take us to make up our minds and Shake em off the vine, really break up the rhymes and Take alittle time. Verse 3: You know sometimes the times are the hardest things to overcome, strictly on account of what you come by I’m not sayin it’s all false, and it definitely has a place, but the fact is now the majority does lie What do I suggest, well unless you’re really livin it, stop writtin them lies, if you’re live keep it limited Got to realize your number one in the eyes of these little kids, we’re slowin their minds with these spinnin rims We’re showing them violence, and bitches and gold, diamonds riches and hoes How could this have been sold, when our lineage is uprising, this isn’t us, I’ve been sick in disgust trying to listen and thus For the innocent I comprised a lyric of hope, I was sent to let the dust fly cuz fear is a rope for the spirit and it does tie us to accept the norm This is the time of our lives, lines are meant to be drawn, you sound like…….
El Prez 05:09
El Prez Chorus: Good evening every one Como Estas Todo Mi Gente You know me as loki Or otherwise El Presidente The L is for the smokers The O and K reverse for all aproachers The I is for surveilance on them vultures Long Island made, Hispanic descent Brooklyn culture The Puerto Rican voted most likely to engulf ya' "loki", Am I getting through to all you emcees Or am I talkin to myself as I respectfully plead Verse 1: Good evening everyone, como estas todo mi gente you know me as loki, or otherwise el presidente the reason I've addressed the 50 states with a cape I see distress and there's some changes I feel it's my place to make see these are things I severely hate, things no logical brain could ever possibly debate now let's take the game for instance the shame is it's been tampered with and pampered can someone tell me when we abandoned lyrical standard my citizens, how 'bout some answers how many of these gangsta rappers brothers follow after start out as dancers and since the separation line between hatin a cat and just statin the facts has been erased, replace it in tact as I wrap up the first leg of the cession, emcees receive a complimentary second to bounce or count blessins don't make a rushed decision and slip in the dark trenches you'll never see me comin like lovin on park benches Chorus (Repeat) Verse 2: If you were late I won't re-introduce myself, your friends have met me and for I guess the last minute or so I've been the emcee I've been tellin your friends that if they ever turn against me the results sneak up on you like a 20 sack of sensee lo attacks 'em gently, FBI can't detect me I'd rather have the odds stacked against me, bet the Bentley rich brothers pass, they don't run the ball, willie patos (fags) keep underestimating underdogs, silly gatos on the flow I get around like helicopter blades write a poem while I'm on the mic, sing and stop to blaze I never was a player, it never was a game state my biz, make my way, I suggest you do the same nothing's changed, why do you feel the pressure now It's just do or die we can even go and shoot the 5, it's just you and I you know why you would not survive your raps are to polluted, and I use natural juices in my rhymes Chorus (Repeat) Verse 3: Shall we proceed, expeditiously, this'll be quick now by a show of L's (blunts), which one of these smokers should quit should it be A - the rapist sittin at the bar with the chick or is it B - the chick he's with, whose mom is watching her kids let's look at C - security who left his Glock at the crib got to be lit, cause now he's going to the car for the clip and then there's D - loki, commander and chief of the script your time is gone, put your highness on, scream what you picked if you said E - all the above except D, you're free from tax all except the latest one I made on the wastin' of wax if everything that you're lacing is wack, what's the reason for even takin a cat for all of his bangin-est tracks that sh*t is wrong, you get no respect, no check already got the repossession on your Lex, no jet goodbye to lampin in the tropics, you're back in the projects and the object of this lesson is to rep your set. Chorus (Repeat) END
Mary Jane 03:11
Verse 1: Dear Mary Jane where do I begin Girl you're responsible for me witnessin' life as miracle on top of obstacle Feelin' you despite the numbers of brothers I've watched you do Me poppin your seed (should) symbolize the love I got for you No mistakes about it I've been hot for you You flipped it and let me pimp it like a prostitute, how could I part from you What we got is too real and so I continued to cop you booh Ironically the reason I never forgot my youth, see Mary I'm remindin' you We flirted in '92, to you credit is due cause I just deserted the Heine' brew (Heineken) And I knew since the first and fateful rendezvous, regardless of consequence or what the test of time would do, I'd be true Even writin' this rhyme I reclined and blew Sacrificing tight structure for passion, that's when you actually find the truth And hey, (if) you don't like it, sue I'm scribin' my mami chu', she was comin' by when I was through Now it's time I honor you, Dear Mary Jane I can explain Chorus: Mary Jane, I use you for the pain Don't get me wrong, I sing this song to praise your name Through the sun or the rain Mary Jane, I can explain how I feel Please understand I will take your hand, it'll make us stronger Verse 2: So many nights of powerful bonding I contemplate If I never found you in my life how would I operate You see I could've weighed the pros and cons and got this out the way some time ago I just stumbled on some kind of 'Dro, wasn't time to go See I thought the highest I could go was off your chocolate kiss And your Jiggin' in jars, throwing your partners in hyper fits Now I'm proud to announce, I'm enticed by this Rediscovering the fun and love of it, cypher until you bite my lip and even then still try to re-light the clip, I'm convinced that I'm addicted to enlightening, high and insightful bliss When I'm low, I load you up inside to my microchip and double click the 5 finger forgivin' plant Click and drag Say goodbye to the stressful present, and the forbidden past Takin' peace of mind over misery and the chick is bad Ever find something you're not supposed to have? And you get so attached, with no intention to give it back, this is that Dear Mary Jane I can explain Chorus (Repeat)
NYC 03:34
Verse 1: New York baby, the place where the pace persists, there’s never a second to waste, if you wait you’re history The clock tocks money, don’t waste your tics, a million and one hot spots, take your pick You see the city never sleeps, it’s unique like that Though other towns rock, occasionally they nap, But over here three in the morning the streets be packed with cabs and freaks, so it’s never police we lack We lead the pack by stayin open later, the originator of the 24 hour bodega Check the data, the midnight sales be boomin, the name of the game is whatever keeps it movin If you don’t believe your ears, come and see for yourself, Because this city here, really doesn’t need me to help I’m just a squirrel in the world that stops for nuttin and honey is the only thing that keeps the beehive buzzin New York City baby Chorus: Yeah, We in the NY, We in the NY,,,,,C,C,C,C, see this is New York City Verse 2: So many lights it’s brighter than the daytime sky, pull up a crate, live music being played outside You’ll never find another place that equates, why try? Simple and plain, I wouldn’t even waste my time Times Square is where it all comes together, party every New Year no matter how bad the weather We’re the most racially diverse place on this earth, so if you wanna flirt, learn a couple languages first This is an international affair, drinks in the air, let’s have a toast to everybody who ain’t in a chair If you’re holdin up the wall, let it fall, no biggie, you’re just givin the dance floor a better view of the city See it really doesn’t matter when you ride the vibe, and anywhere you’re from, as soon as you arrive in NY You’ll remember what you heard, how the all night jams are silly, can you say center of the world I can, New York City baby.
Verse 1: 97 degrees at the beach, me, I'm budgin' to work, rubberneckin' in the heat I'm stuck in the traffic and my AC's actin' up, A brother's back piece (is) connected to the seat now the only way to feel the breeze is to speed, but you never wanna bunt strik three with the police and I'm tryin' to get over every time I see a crease but the ride stalls and I'm lights off I need to sleep like I need a beat something to ease the insanity of life out of my mind, yo who needs this reality hop out of my driver's seat to preach to the cavalry and I'm not even realizin', these people (are) mad at me Chorus: And all of a sudden I'm takin my time I'm writin a dope rhyme I'm takin my time Just lookin up at the sky and I'm takin my time Watchin the cars roll by, Just takin my time, takin my time Nowhere to go and I'm, takin my time I'm writin some ill flow and I'm, takin my time Just feelin the wind blow and I'm, takin my time Yeah, takin my time, Yeah, takin my, takin my, takin Verse 2: I turn, look over my shoulder, from the rear the bumper to bumper we were in is beginnin' to clear I jump back in the truck quicker than fast as a f*ck and after a couple seconds pass, this is what I hear (RING) so now I'm in the zone thinkin, it's a quarter after 12 and the bells in my cellular phone are ringin it's got to be the job, wifey's modelin' and it might be Ry, but the rest of my fellas are home drinkin and with no blinkin, I made the hardest decision that I ever had to face in 29 years of livin I'm pickin up the phone when the caller ID is givin me nothin to read and would you believe who the Dickens it's my cousin Jise One and he's back from tour he says in a couple days he's goin back for more so I called my boss, said I developed a cough and hit the belt to spend the rest of my day with my dog. Chorus (Repeat) END
Chorus: Fellas, Ladies, Welcome, It’s getting crazy There’s only one thing I need you to do When I come around to you, Get your hands up, Get your hands up Ladies, Fellas, May we, Get the hell up There’s only one thing I need you to do When I come around to you, Get your hands up Verse 1: And here we go, how you feel, c’mon, Now how your mamma been, aight, Now let’s get to the reason I’m here tonight I really needed to be in a session, it’s better than sex ya’ll, (and) I’m a lyrical freak with a pierced mic You might see me and hip-hop sittin in a tree while I F.U.C.K. r&b A bit over the top, my wallet's apologizin to the F.C.C. ok, pardon me I just wanted to play a little game, back to business, and if I ever wanted to say your name, then I would And yeah I’ll probably make a bit of waves, that’s a given But if I’m able to stay out of the game, then I’m good See ya’ll enchiladas got cream, cheese, and lettuce and beef, you can keep it, it’s really not in my plan It’s not that I don’t support my harsh fellow man, I just rather stay puffed like a marshmallow man Chorus: Verse 2: Mach three, somebody, anybody stop me, I’m not even supposed to be on and I got the lead So call a major label and tell em’ to rob me quick cuz in a minute I’ll be gone and beyond any arms reach I’m bout to bungee on, page me at the finger lakes and by the time I get the beep I’ll be yawnin in Palm Beach The seven second delay on the ringer’s all I need to hit the west and in a sec I’ll be mozyin’ on east And all of me on beat, follow me, on three, I wanna see who knows the steps, Uno, Dos, Tres scream I need you all to rep and if you don’t, I’ll hit you with more of that Puerto Rican judo I don’t know next scene I’m ready to vent steam, show me a referee, and I bet the league will have me in penitentiary greens Either that or I’ll be up to my neck in penalty fees, like I even get a check for you to thieve, please Chorus: Verse 3: Now we’re running at the speed of light, keep it tight, I hope the club has given me a descent mic, let me know If I jump in the crowd I don’t want you holdin me up if you don’t like my style I glide on my pride, let me go, I’m nestle when it’s crunchtime, Wouldn’t suggest a brother test me if it’s lunchtime, this papi will chew, forget me if you’re onetime You want this arrest you got to catch me in the sunshine, and cop me a brew Yeah I got me two of the biggest around, and my rhymes a really a sign of the pounds that I sit on the track If the crowd’s really the livest around, I’m reciprocating the vibe in my sound and I’m givin it back A regular Mr. ricochet, iller than wack, bigger than rap, rip it this-a-way, drill it in wax, and if it scratch Let the mixer fade, give it a tap, deliver that, then you step away, this is a rap.
Redefine 03:50
Verse 1: Hither we go, gimme a minute the flow creeps into your home, into your kitchen and won't eat see this is a stone mission to get in your dome piece so gimme your soul, gimme a listen and don't speak hear me alone, this is officially no speach this is a poem, written specifically off peak (or beat) to give it a tone, look at the rhythm it's on peep and get in the zone, quicker cause it could be gone, peace Chorus: Geez oh my, People we're alive Free your mind, We can reach a high Be the times, We are the divine No need to hide deep beneath the tide So, see the sign, Seek and we can find Keep in mind, Read between the lines Beat the shine, Either we are blind Or we need to find peace and Redefine Verse 2: Stuck in a maze, what is a wonderful day in a cage puffin' away nothin' that's gonna be praised, but hey, it's fun in a way what if we suddenly fade away, funny but wasn't there something you wanted to say, ok what are you gonna relay, is it gonna be somethin' we aint heard gun at your waist, money to waste, you aint a herb, well great why are we running in place, why are we crushin our grapes for wine what a mistake Chorus (Repeat) Breakdown: Some of us get paid some of us just flow we are all slaves in the game and some of us must row none of us complain none of them come close one of us gon' change it and some of us just hope what a rush just to know something is about to give cause runner-up's just too close for me and I got your wins I run 'em up, just you know, this isn't your average scene look into the steam of the manhole, listen to the banjo scream Chorus (Repeat) End
Too Much 03:39
Verse 1: Ayo I think about her too much How it would feel to touch her hand or her hair or waist Or just how it would taste, if our lips were ever to touch Yeah I think about her too much It really wasn't like this when we first met I mean I knew I had to keep my eyes away because She's my kind of lady, not to see it was the first test But still, it wasn't like this when we first met She must've caught me by surprise because Lord knows I know what I'm feelin' is wrong, but the warm grows in and out of every inch of me and it's a no-no But hey, it caught me by surprise and, Lord knows I never meant to be aware of her fly ways But when our eyes stay connected for a sec or two longer than they should, good intention is a wild maze All of a sudden I'm aware of her fly ways, Chorus: And I'm in trouble cause I love her, But would she hate me Would she build me up and then break me Would she leave me, or would she take me Say she needs me or say she can't face me I don't know if she'll feed me, or starve me Can she heal me, cause damn she scarred me I'm in trouble, I love her, But would she love me Damn, it's like I just don't understand Verse 2: I wonder if she thinks of me when she's all alone I watch her playin' with her hand in her hair while I waste just one more opportunity to make it known Why would she ever think of me when she's all alone And this is probably just a phase that I'm movin' through I think I'm glad that we never threw a glance to romance I got it under control and I'm doin' cool But what if it's another phase that I'm moving to I mean I guess it would be nice just to say the least But even still, real or not, this aint the way to be I got to put it out my mind, got to slay the beast But damn, wouldn't it be nice just to say the least Yo who am I kidding, I'm gone, I'm a lost cause on all fours, and it's gonna be a long haul But hey I guess you never know, and that's the way it stands Maybe in another time or another land Chorus (Repeat): Bridge: I just don't understand (repeat until it fades out) And I'm goin' out of my mind And I don't know what to do Door number one or door number two How do I chose, How do I chose Chorus (Repeat) End
Verse 1: Feelin the breeze, I’m in a penthouse, chillin at ease I need a second to relax, in the fast live, bein at ease is something rare for a man like me But still it isn’t what it should be, “couldn’t we atleast be together for the night” I remember the words, I never heard such love and I never will again, Get the ref and let’s fight till the death of the urge, or till the birds fly north for the winter Whichever comes, I’ll be lost, if I give it a guess, then I’m willin to bet 9 lives all for the winner if there’s ever one, trust (that) I’ll be feelin the stress, never the less I’m here and the woman of my dreams is there I moan without touch and reach through the air, as I swear, if it wasn’t the job, then I’d be in her arms But I gotta be somewhere and all I hear is Chorus: You, you should be walkin me home, she said, You, you should be walking me on home instead Well I’m all alone, and I’m sinkin, and I’m thinking, and I’m going out my mind trying to find you What am I to do Verse: Now it’s suddenly hard, I got my mind on my job and I’m ducking the broad I never wanted her to come into harms way, but A) I’m in an odd place, B) I’m a sucker for charm But am I on point?, I ain’t at the ball for love, I’m on a mission and the villain is inside the room My arm joint’s huggin on my holster snug, and now I’m illin cuz I’m feelin like it’s time to move I see the boss by the door, the only way across is the dancefloor, I can see honey cuttin me off So I boogie and electric slide as I glide, and it’s luckier for her than me she never saw And I was able to remain low-key, when the bad guy bounced, I was under the car, buggin the ride on the outside But in my heart, I’d rather be at the bar and you’re wonderin why I never try with, you Chorus: You, you should be walkin me home, she said, You, you should be walking me on home instead Well I’m all alone, and I’m sinkin, thinkin, drinkin, and now I’m going out my mind trying to find you What am I to do
Reminisce 04:19
Wait 06:58
Verse 1: Hey, you got me all wrong, I’m about to prove it to you but not before long, you gon’ have to wait Wait, you got to hold fast, anything you get for free, be for sure it won’t last, go to learn to chill Chill cuz this is real heat, rumblin the grills, up and over the hills of the real sreet blues Blues, we all got em and the trick, not allowin them to stick to the glues of your everyday thoughts We ought to rise and get alittle high, take a minute to fly and I’ll provide that vibe Chorus: Yeah, you don’t wanna miss this, Uh Uh no, you don’t wanna miss this Get your money and, get your tickets and, get your spot quick, cuz you don’t wanna miss this No, this is something that you definitely want to witness, You don’t wanna miss this no so Get your camera, take your pictures, and get your spot quick, cuz you don’t wanna miss this Verse2: Hey, that’s what they all say, how are we supposed to know it isn’t just foreplay, I’m about to show Show me the wrong way, I’ll show you a flow you never heard, and I bet your gonna say now that’s new New, that’s just a city in the east, with a million police and a name so repetitive it fits Fits, the fits of rage from sittin in a cage, you should get em on a page, maybe that’ll get you by If not, rise and get alittle high, take a minute to fly and I’ll provide that vibe


Notable stories about this album:

Most of the drum tracks were recorded in Evan's parent's basement in Long Island...I used his drum set which was already mic'ed. None of the songs were recorded to a click track except Oil Slick.

We found Chris Huth (artwork) through an old high school buddy of mine. He lived in Denver and had never been to NYC yet we were asking him to invoke the spirit of NYC in his artwork. What he came up with was partly from our random ideas we conveyed to him and also from him listening to the album.

Most of these songs were forged and polished in our rehearsal space at the fairly well known Music Building in midtown NYC. Our room was a few floors up from the White Stripes' room.


released February 20, 2009

The Last Broadcast is:
Loki Velez - Vocals
Scott Thomas Ferreira - Guitars, Sequencing, Vocals
Ry Pilla - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Ben Loy - Bass Guitar, Vocals

Guest Musicians on this album:
G. Love - Harmonica (7) *courtesy of Brushfire Records
Big Ben Hillman - Keys (8,11)
Matt Riggs - Keys (3,4,12,13,14)
Hettienne Park - Flute (10, 11)
Mike Hannigan - Classical Guitar (10)
Dianna Park - Vocals (4)
Jay Litrio - Vocals and Keys (11)

All songs written by The Last Broadcast
except 3,4,5,9,14 written by The Last Broadcast and Matt Riggs
All Lyrics by Loki Velez except chorus on 2 by Dan Zanetti
Produced by The Last Broadcast and Evan Parness
Artwork - Chris Huth
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Evan Parness
except 7 &11 Engineered by Robby from Metrosonic


all rights reserved



Ry Pilla New York, New York

Drummer who's had the great pleasure of playing music with some incredibly talented musicians. Here are some of the recordings we made...enjoy!

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