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The first track we co-arranged, shortly after forming the band. Seemed fitting to start the album off with it.


This is it, if I ever had a lover in my life, it was rhyme , I’ll never give it up
And since I’ll never have another in my life, all I want to do is rhyme, I forget to live it up
But this is it, grab a listen if it’s ill, if it isn’t getting buzz then I’ll get a better flow
But if it is, then the mission is a hit, it’s official, I’m in love and I’ll never let her go.

Verse 1:
A yo I step up in the scene fresh and clean with a bit of extra lean, quick step like Ben Vereen,
I never seem to be in one spot, I’m red to green,
I’m the player who would never be seen but lead the team
The head marine, General scheme, I’ll bend the beams like in Tel-Aviv, have the whole club sub-level B
So check the steez (steelo), hundred to one, no sweat to me
I’ll bet the keys and feel the effects when I’m ready to leave
Generally, yeah I’m forever gettin peaved, so you best believe I’m steadily steamed, it gets me clean
I’ll never be a fiend (as) long as I keep an esteemed tie in the reefer regime dispensing the leafy green
By any means, got to remember to get receipts, keep a lengthy sheet of every expense
It gets redeemed the very second I gleam, and spray my energy sheen, displayin every dream
Yeah, you better believe

Verse 2:
Now, the second verse is something to behold, you can really feel the sweat from my soul like Dr. Scholz
I dropped the gold, flatten the platinum and rock the show,
I’m about to pop the popular mold, now swallow whole
My wire’s got to blow, get grounded and shock the globe, not alot to know, go with the wattage and watch for Lo
Now how about the flow, I’m a bottle ‘bout to po (pour), and if I tip over and spill, I’m sorry you got to row
I’m not the chopper lowering rope, I’m an ocean liner dropping tires like they’re flyers and hoping most of them float
See, we’re all stuck in the storm, the only difference is the boat and who you know, “Yo Lo, you be illin”
True, I do be killin mics, and my fluid do be tighter than that doobie you be lightin and I do be feelin nice
So if you ain’t truly hyped, I suggest you run on, and if you wanna combatively converse, baby c’mon

Verse 3:
Now, as I begin to accelerate, pedal against the metal plate, bobbin and weavin like a featherweight
I’m generating up the speed so you can no longer see the surroud-around and hopefully both of our minds elevate
And we can settle in a better place, yeah, take a sec and meditate, the reflection will get you melon straight
We got a hell of a way to go before we celebrate and I’m fully eligible to demonstrate
Oh yeah I walk I, never saw the floor under my feet, took a leap of faith and reached by the skin of my speech
I talk more than often, Lord forgive me as I speak until the beat is obsolete and the machine has gotten weak
I’m a touch above the norm, I touch a tune and I assume another form, I shape and I shift
And when you see me in another song, you better come along and move, it’s simple either shake or you dip
Cuz this is it.


from Not Yet Chaos by The Last Broadcast, released February 20, 2009


all rights reserved



Ry Pilla New York, New York

Drummer who's had the great pleasure of playing music with some incredibly talented musicians. Here are some of the recordings we made...enjoy!

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