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Cool track that seemed to go over well when we played it live at shows.


Verse 1:
97 degrees at the beach, me,
I'm budgin' to work, rubberneckin' in the heat
I'm stuck in the traffic and my AC's actin' up,
A brother's back piece (is) connected to the seat
now the only way to feel the breeze is to speed,
but you never wanna bunt strik three with the police
and I'm tryin' to get over every time I see a crease
but the ride stalls and I'm lights off
I need to sleep like I need a beat
something to ease the insanity of life out of my mind,
yo who needs this reality
hop out of my driver's seat to preach to the cavalry
and I'm not even realizin', these people (are) mad at me

And all of a sudden I'm takin my time
I'm writin a dope rhyme I'm takin my time
Just lookin up at the sky and I'm takin my time
Watchin the cars roll by, Just takin my time, takin my time
Nowhere to go and I'm, takin my time
I'm writin some ill flow and I'm, takin my time
Just feelin the wind blow and I'm, takin my time
Yeah, takin my time, Yeah, takin my, takin my, takin

Verse 2:
I turn, look over my shoulder, from the rear
the bumper to bumper we were in is beginnin' to clear
I jump back in the truck quicker than fast as a f*ck
and after a couple seconds pass, this is what I hear
so now I'm in the zone thinkin, it's a quarter after 12
and the bells in my cellular phone are ringin
it's got to be the job, wifey's modelin'
and it might be Ry, but the rest of my fellas are home drinkin
and with no blinkin, I made the hardest decision
that I ever had to face in 29 years of livin
I'm pickin up the phone when the caller ID is givin me nothin to read
and would you believe who the Dickens
it's my cousin Jise One and he's back from tour
he says in a couple days he's goin back for more
so I called my boss, said I developed a cough
and hit the belt to spend the rest of my day with my dog.

Chorus (Repeat)


from Not Yet Chaos by The Last Broadcast, released February 20, 2009


all rights reserved



Ry Pilla New York, New York

Drummer who's had the great pleasure of playing music with some incredibly talented musicians. Here are some of the recordings we made...enjoy!

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