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Fun track reworked from the Loose Poets album with some great contributions from Big Ben Hillman on keys.

Loki and I filmed a quick video on the streets of NYC in the chelsea area. I taped the camera to the seat of my bike and walked in front of Lo while he was listening to the track in his headphones and rhyming along. Good DIY fun!

Here's the link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=_d7z0MxRq28


Chorus: Fellas, Ladies, Welcome, It’s getting crazy
There’s only one thing I need you to do
When I come around to you, Get your hands up, Get your hands up
Ladies, Fellas, May we, Get the hell up
There’s only one thing I need you to do
When I come around to you, Get your hands up

Verse 1:
And here we go, how you feel, c’mon, Now how your mamma been, aight,
Now let’s get to the reason I’m here tonight
I really needed to be in a session, it’s better than sex ya’ll, (and) I’m a lyrical freak with a pierced mic
You might see me and hip-hop sittin in a tree while I F.U.C.K. r&b
A bit over the top, my wallet's apologizin to the F.C.C. ok, pardon me
I just wanted to play a little game, back to business, and if I ever wanted to say your name, then I would
And yeah I’ll probably make a bit of waves, that’s a given
But if I’m able to stay out of the game, then I’m good
See ya’ll enchiladas got cream, cheese, and lettuce and beef, you can keep it, it’s really not in my plan
It’s not that I don’t support my harsh fellow man, I just rather stay puffed like a marshmallow man

Verse 2:
Mach three, somebody, anybody stop me, I’m not even supposed to be on and I got the lead
So call a major label and tell em’ to rob me quick cuz in a minute I’ll be gone and beyond any arms reach
I’m bout to bungee on, page me at the finger lakes and by the time I get the beep I’ll be yawnin in Palm Beach
The seven second delay on the ringer’s all I need to hit the west and in a sec I’ll be mozyin’ on east
And all of me on beat, follow me, on three, I wanna see who knows the steps, Uno, Dos, Tres scream
I need you all to rep and if you don’t, I’ll hit you with more of that Puerto Rican judo I don’t know next scene
I’m ready to vent steam, show me a referee, and I bet the league will have me in penitentiary greens
Either that or I’ll be up to my neck in penalty fees, like I even get a check for you to thieve, please

Verse 3:
Now we’re running at the speed of light, keep it tight, I hope the club has given me a descent mic, let me know
If I jump in the crowd I don’t want you holdin me up if you don’t like my style
I glide on my pride, let me go, I’m nestle when it’s crunchtime,
Wouldn’t suggest a brother test me if it’s lunchtime, this papi will chew, forget me if you’re onetime
You want this arrest you got to catch me in the sunshine, and cop me a brew
Yeah I got me two of the biggest around, and my rhymes a really a sign of the pounds that I sit on the track
If the crowd’s really the livest around, I’m reciprocating the vibe in my sound and I’m givin it back
A regular Mr. ricochet, iller than wack, bigger than rap, rip it this-a-way, drill it in wax, and if it scratch
Let the mixer fade, give it a tap, deliver that, then you step away, this is a rap.


from Not Yet Chaos by The Last Broadcast, released February 20, 2009


all rights reserved



Ry Pilla New York, New York

Drummer who's had the great pleasure of playing music with some incredibly talented musicians. Here are some of the recordings we made...enjoy!

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