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One of my favorites...here's a vid of a live version: www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fTwFB-haxM


Now ladies and gents, fellow representatives and residents of this rock, listen
This is not a game, it’s very intense, I guess in a way it’s like a test, let’s see who’s ready to question

Verse 1:
So this is hip hop, voice of the oppressed, never woulda guessed in a million hits full of glitz this was the song of the unsung,
What with all the money talk, Is it really representing the struggle it comes from “NO”
So this is hip hop, a sign of the times, guns are fun, cops are coming RUN, just another day in the life,
So what you’re brother lays leaking it’s a murder right, do you hear the weeping of his son, little girl of wife “NO”
So this is hip hop, well women beware, if you ain’t shakin your ass naked you wouldn’t be there,
This is similar to what major religion has been doin since the beginning, a sin indeed, but do we seem to care “ OH NO”
So this is hip hop, a place where the youth come and learn to chase a fantasy that ain’t even the truth
Not to mention you talk about your possessions to the poor, knowing they’ll never relate, you’re showing them all yours and you sound like Blah Blah

Yo all I hear from your mouth is BLAH BLAH
You got a really big house that’s BLAH BLAH
You’re rocking iced out chains BLAH BLAH
Another lady each day BLAH BLAH
Oh yeah, you bust mad guns, whoa, BLAH BLAH
You sell crack by the tons, oh, BLAH BLAH
Ya’ll are some rich, pretty thugs talking BLAH BLAH,,,,brother what the blah blah

Verse 2:
How many times can you brag about your champagne, how many rhymes about your designer clothes
Man it’s gettin to the point you’re repeatin the same brand names, we get it, you came up, everybody knows
How about something to grow from, maybe so the cats who think you’re great will actually know someone cares
Cuz you’re beating the same ol’ drum, speaking on the drama you create by keeping that negativity in the air
Where are we gonna go next, the revolution of song, love written in the text,
The dead are rooting us on up in heaven like Big L, Pac, Biggie, Freaky Tah, they were shot
They never had a chance to die, all because of what’s hot
And if you think the music doesn’t keep it going you’re a fool, for most of these young bucs, what you flow is a school
The question is who’ll step out of the crowd, unprotected with the Lords message and yellin aloud you sound like Blah Blah

A yo wake up, they’re just make up,
They can put the signs up but they don’t make us
Rake up all our dimes and, pay for the designs that they lace up
Take a bunch and find what they make up
An ain’t from what defines and creates us
(It’s) The times in theatre
So we should take the time that it take us to make up our minds and
Shake em off the vine, really break up the rhymes and
Take alittle time.

Verse 3:
You know sometimes the times are the hardest things to overcome, strictly on account of what you come by
I’m not sayin it’s all false, and it definitely has a place, but the fact is now the majority does lie
What do I suggest, well unless you’re really livin it, stop writtin them lies, if you’re live keep it limited
Got to realize your number one in the eyes of these little kids, we’re slowin their minds with these spinnin rims
We’re showing them violence, and bitches and gold, diamonds riches and hoes
How could this have been sold, when our lineage is uprising, this isn’t us, I’ve been sick in disgust trying to listen and thus
For the innocent I comprised a lyric of hope, I was sent to let the dust fly cuz fear is a rope for the spirit and it does tie us to accept the norm
This is the time of our lives, lines are meant to be drawn, you sound like…….


from Not Yet Chaos by The Last Broadcast, released February 20, 2009


all rights reserved



Ry Pilla New York, New York

Drummer who's had the great pleasure of playing music with some incredibly talented musicians. Here are some of the recordings we made...enjoy!

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